Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions for 2010 I've been lazy blogging. But who the hell cares.

Anyway, tomorrow depicts a brand new year with new resolutions. Oh yes!! I only have 3 resolutions this year. First, I'm going back to school next year to continue my training to become a teacher, so I will try my best to excel in my training and stand up tall again!! Secondly, simple....I will try my best to lose weight..I have only about 8 months (only!!) before I select my wedding costumes!! Thirdly, Year 2010 is the year which I'm going to tie the knot with my lover of 6 years!! Therefore, my resolution is to be able to carry out my grand dream wedding without any hiccups and after which, live happily ever after!! Hee...

Happy New Year everyone!!

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