Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Running for him, if not for myself...

Miss Liyana aka QueenLiyn, participated in 10km Women's Run of the Singapore Marathon 2009 together with her hubby, Hatta and his twin bro, Haikal who ran the full 42.125km run; Suria, who ran the 10km with her and Suria's boyfriend who ran the 10km Men's Run.

Despite putting on an extra 10lbs for the past 1 year, Miss Liyana managed to improve her timing by a few seconds!! Haha...but now, she feels like her body had been ran over by the bus and walking like a spastic. Running with Suria was fun anyway! Good to have company!! :)


  1. hey!where's tat picture come from!haha. its's cute to see another runner taking a pic of Liyana's word of encouragement."I'm running to look good on my big day :)" Awwww..so sweet..

  2. Yeah! I should post that online...heheh...i oso managed to take a photo of that encouragement!!