Saturday, January 2, 2010

Towards the end of Year 2009

I don't know whether to be happy, sad, excited or afraid that it's already Year 2010. I'm already feeling all jittery when it's only the second day of the new year. Gosh...let me check..THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTY-FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! That's LESS than a year... There'll be regular updates on my preparation of my dream wedding (although it's just at the multi-purpose hall cause it's cost saving and can spend more for my honeymoon). is what I've taken during Hatta's company's D&D on 19 December 2009. Quite a great D&D I'll say as we were basically partying and dancing at Swissotel's dancefloor all the way till midnight. Awesome-ness....

Our theme for the day was pink and purple and he specially bought
the purple top for me a day before the D&D. <3

The food was awesome-licious!!

Here are the men in his department...

Next, during Christmas we stayed over for 3 nights at Aloha Changi's Government Bungalow. It was our first ever time in an ulu place but we had lots of fun staying together. The following is a video of the photos compiled together....

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