Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions for 2010 I've been lazy blogging. But who the hell cares.

Anyway, tomorrow depicts a brand new year with new resolutions. Oh yes!! I only have 3 resolutions this year. First, I'm going back to school next year to continue my training to become a teacher, so I will try my best to excel in my training and stand up tall again!! Secondly, simple....I will try my best to lose weight..I have only about 8 months (only!!) before I select my wedding costumes!! Thirdly, Year 2010 is the year which I'm going to tie the knot with my lover of 6 years!! Therefore, my resolution is to be able to carry out my grand dream wedding without any hiccups and after which, live happily ever after!! Hee...

Happy New Year everyone!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

His 24th Birthday Celebration

A photo taken during their family celebration on the actual day of both Hatta and Haikal's 24th birthday. Make a guess on who is who...:)'s been awhile since I've updated. Anyways....we celebrated his birthday last Friday with many surprises. Started the day with a punctured tyre and ended the day with a hearty meal at the Flyers. Let the photos speak themselves:

Our black beauty got his tyre punctured and Hatta had to change
the tyre by himself, just when the day has just started.

We headed off to Safra Yishun for the first part of
his 24th Birthday celebration.

We had our lunch celebration at the Halal Jack's Place
chain of restaurant, named Eatzi.

The bill came up to 50+++ bucks...

After which we had 3 games of bowling at the
Orchid Bowl there...

I had him blindfolded and drove all the way to the CBD
area for a ride on the Singapore Flyer!!!

We camwhored inside, outside and everywhere
at the Flyers...

More camwhoring...

The view from up above...

We had a hearty meal at a restaurant at the Flyers and they
serve local and affordable delicacies! Halal too!

Talking about more's an overdue photo from the Standard Chartered Marathon which just passed....

More photos will be uploaded later of last night's FMC Technologies D&D.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Running for him, if not for myself...

Miss Liyana aka QueenLiyn, participated in 10km Women's Run of the Singapore Marathon 2009 together with her hubby, Hatta and his twin bro, Haikal who ran the full 42.125km run; Suria, who ran the 10km with her and Suria's boyfriend who ran the 10km Men's Run.

Despite putting on an extra 10lbs for the past 1 year, Miss Liyana managed to improve her timing by a few seconds!! Haha...but now, she feels like her body had been ran over by the bus and walking like a spastic. Running with Suria was fun anyway! Good to have company!! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Strolling into Town

So, yesterday, Hatta took leave to spend some quality time with me. Our first destination was supposed to be the renowned Hajjah Maimunah restaurant at Geylang for lunch but unfortunately, it's closed on Mondays. So, we headed off to Tanjong Katong Complex and had a hearty, yet scrumptious meal!

After which, we were off to Ngee Ann City in search for his 24th birthday present and finally, got a nice pair of golf shoes from Golf House there. We also managed to snap many photos with the Christmas Decoration there.

We made a pit-stop at Starbucks cafe to rest our aching feets from all the walking...

Then we went to Ion Orchard just in time for the revelation of "We are One" Singapore Lego Bricks.

Ok...I've not much to blog. Hope to start cooking again soon! =)