Monday, December 21, 2009

His 24th Birthday Celebration

A photo taken during their family celebration on the actual day of both Hatta and Haikal's 24th birthday. Make a guess on who is who...:)'s been awhile since I've updated. Anyways....we celebrated his birthday last Friday with many surprises. Started the day with a punctured tyre and ended the day with a hearty meal at the Flyers. Let the photos speak themselves:

Our black beauty got his tyre punctured and Hatta had to change
the tyre by himself, just when the day has just started.

We headed off to Safra Yishun for the first part of
his 24th Birthday celebration.

We had our lunch celebration at the Halal Jack's Place
chain of restaurant, named Eatzi.

The bill came up to 50+++ bucks...

After which we had 3 games of bowling at the
Orchid Bowl there...

I had him blindfolded and drove all the way to the CBD
area for a ride on the Singapore Flyer!!!

We camwhored inside, outside and everywhere
at the Flyers...

More camwhoring...

The view from up above...

We had a hearty meal at a restaurant at the Flyers and they
serve local and affordable delicacies! Halal too!

Talking about more's an overdue photo from the Standard Chartered Marathon which just passed....

More photos will be uploaded later of last night's FMC Technologies D&D.

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