Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World of Shoes

So what does shoes and Liyana have in common??
They both boomed the credit card bills!!

Ok...I have an orgy for shoes. What's the BIG deal? I'm a lady after all and I really love shoes compared to bags/ clothes/ make-up. I can say that I have not much of a space to keep my shoes other than under my bed (using the shoes organizer) or at the front door. I do not splurge on Jimmy Choos or Lois Vuitton shoes but shoes are shoes and I'm very particular on its quality. I have maybe about 16 pairs of them now and buying more soon (for my wedding). My shoes range from the high heels to track shoes to open-toe pumps to Crocs wedges!

I've been having so much time at home now that I can dig out all my shoes and show it to the world. I may not be Imelda Marcos who has a whole closet full of shoes (3000 pairs!), but I'm the average girl who has more than 10 shoes under her bed.

I love my heels to be of one of the best quality, although it sometimes hurt to wear them when I walk around Orchard. My heels are mostly from Charles and Keith as well as Bata. Some of them, I barely wore for 3 times!

Comfort shoes are the best when you need to walk for hours or even for exercise. My most comfortable shoes are from Lacoste and it is already 3 years old! The right top corner are my Adidas track shoes and it has gone miles with me!!The bottom shoes are my faithful Nike golf shoes!

One of the best comfortable shoes which I love to wear to work. The top left hand was bought from D&C and they are low open toe platforms. The other 3 pairs were from Charles & Keith. 

Wedges from Crocs which were bought from one of those Metro sales at Singapore Expo. The pink one was worn for about 3 times only and I never wore the brown one before. Too many shoes till I never looked at these when I go out. 

Awesome flats which I truly truly love most because they are the MOST comfortable to wear and the CHEAPEST among my shoes. I bought these from Cotton On and they were going for 2 for SGD25 and 1 for SGD10. These pumps are most worn because I could drive without taking them off. Would like to invest my credit cards more on these!

All my shoes, lined up, not for sale but for the WORLD to see.

Imagine a world without shoes!!

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