Saturday, June 5, 2010

Food Review: Noor Jannah's - House of Opeh

You never know when a food critic will just walk-in into your restaurant one day, taking photos and commenting on your food on a scale of 10.

Me and hubby are one of those "unknown" and mysterious food critics or shall we say that we are not professionals but we often go to new Halal restaurants or places to try the food and recommend them to our friends or family members.

First up, I'll start with commenting on Noor Jannah's - House of Opeh restaurant, along the small alley of Jalan Masjid, opposite of Masjid Kassim.

We were from Raffles City Shopping Centre that day when we could not decide on what to eat. With the help of high technology (ehem...iPhone)... we checked out a famous food review blog online (the simplest aphrodisiac) and we pounced across this House of Opeh restaurant with the amazingly good reviews. And surprisingly, they have kind of a never-seen-before Halal food there.

Noor Jannah's is not one of those normal restaurants which I will normally go because of the location - by the road side and non-aircon, but surprisingly the food was great!!

The menu was just a normal menu only that have you ever tasted Bone Steak Horfun on Opeh? We never tasted that before cause it's out of the ordinary but I don't eat mutton...sooo we passed...

I had the conventional homemade ice lemon tea whereas he drank longan blueberry drink which tasted kinda weird.
SGD1.50 to SGD2.50

The ultimatum - Chili Crab Horfun on Opeh... Awesomely-Awesome!
This is a HUGE serving so it's best to share it among 2-3 people unless you can stomach the whole thing alone... This dish is only for those who can bear the spicy-ness of the chilli...not just a normal chilli crab!
(Rating - 10/10) - SGD12

So, we often had cereal prawn...what about trying cereal squid? Noor Jannah's restaurant gave us this opportunity to come out of the box and try something new.  
It was delicious...good for those who has trouble chewing or are tooth-less...heee
(Rating - 8/10) - SGD8 for a small serving

Craving for rojak? We had char-kuay only rojak as a starter and trust me it was very "POWER". Super spicy too...
(Rating - 8/10) - $3/ $5 per plate

We both shared the chili crab and finished the cereal squid but packed the rojak. We were sweating through our scalp, even me who has the spicy tongue. But all was worth it...

A Halal place that you can consider going to one day after shopping at Geylang.

Address: 2 Jalan Masjid
Parking: Nearby Kembangan Shopping Centre 

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