Saturday, August 29, 2009

Teacher's Day Dinner 2009

I had a blast last night at Greenridge's Teachers Day Dinner 2009 at 1 Degree 15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove. It was super fun hanging out with the other teachers and share some laughter. In school, we have to manage and control the class but when there's no students, even teachers can go out of hand!

Photos are still with Magdalene. Will upload them when I got them in school on Monday. Forgetful me brought a digicam without any battery in it. I even charged the battery seh! But anyway 1 Degree 15 Marina Club was super fabulous. I think only the rich and famous stay has wonderful scenery and private boats everywhere. Although the place reminds me of Raffles Marina Country Club but Raffles is at Tuas and 1 Degree 15 Marina is at Sentosa!

I participated many games and we went up to stage a number of times. My table won 1 of the games and surprise surprise, we got a magnetic stapler each! Hehehe....Food wasn't that exciting as I'm kind of bored with 6 or 8 course dinner Chinese style. Ate this type of course for like 3 times this year already at a restaurant called Forest Lodge in the Zoo, Carlton Hotel and now, at 1 Degree 15 Marina.

At the end of the dinner, believe it or not....I won the 2nd prize in the lucky draw!!! I'm like 200bucks richer now. Not exactly cash money but Takashimaya shopping vouchers and well, shopping at Taka is the best place after the last time whereby I bought 2 beautiful looking skirts for more than 100bucks! It was just yesterday when we were listening to the Shan & Rozz on the radio about winning 246bucks and the thing I commented was that, "I earn a lot but having 200++bucks more in the bank will make me super happy as I have extra money for the month!!" And yes indeed...

Happy Teachers Day to all teachers! Teaching is one of the most inspiring jobs in the world although the stress level is already high up there in the head...

Ended the night with meeting up with the hubby. Love him lots!

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