Friday, August 21, 2009

Eve of Ramadhan

Tomorrow depicts the first day of Ramadhan on the Islamic calendar.
Fasting month = Extreme weight loss

Anyway, yesterday after work, me and hubby went to have our last dinner out before the fasting month at Shin Tokyo and we had a feast of Japanese cuisine there. He had teriyaki beef ramen and I had a huge spicy seafood set. We also had a few plates of sushi and fried cheesecake with chocolate ice-cream for dessert. Gosh! At the end of dinner, we were groaning with bloated stomachs!! Here are the amazing photos!

Us at Shin Tokyo

Hatta tastes the Soft Shell Crab Maki


Nyum nyum...delicious...Hatta said

His Beef Teriyaki Ramen

Our soda, Blue Lime and Mango

I se-tep kat Tokyo..=)

Liyana is dying with hunger...

My huge palate of Spicy Seafood Combo
and Deep Fried Tofu

Delicious Deep Fried Golden Maki

Our Dessert - Deep Fried Cheesecake with
Chocolate Ice-cream

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