Thursday, August 20, 2009

QueenLiyn as a Teacher

Hello hello...well...I'm into my third week of my career as a teacher. When I first started last month, I felt kind of apprehensive that I will not be able to make "presentations" each day. I guess I was not confident of teaching. I was previously from an engineering background and somehow, I know I'm still searching for the satisfaction in my career. I used to dream of becoming an aspiring teacher as a little girl and thankfully, my wish came true.

It's true that we do suffer from high blood pressure but after some time, anger becomes more manageable. Anyway, after three weeks of teaching and "mingling" with the students, I find that teaching brings me a huge satisfaction. It is when a student starts to recognize me that it kind of bring some joy to me. Just yesterday, a normal technical student expressed her sincere appreciation towards my teaching. Other than that, joy comes to me in other forms like for example, yesterday I brought 3 students for a rock climbing competition and I'm so proud that they have won some trophies for themselves.

Now, I am currently posted to Greenridge Secondary School, a school my youngest brother used to go to. Not much to comment, but a career as a teacher is very commendable...

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