Saturday, October 9, 2010

Emo period

As the day draws nearer everyday, I have been reflecting on the past. Yes, the past is the past. But what if that day, in November 2007 happened, and we are no longer together, can we ever get through the days without being together? We made so many compromises and sacrifices to get where we are now.

Many times, I kept asking myself, why do I have to try so hard last time when he is sitting there just next to me? I would have not gone through all those heartaches and headaches last time if I know I'm going to marry that same guy with "karipap" hairstyle who is sitting just next to me in the class. If we knew, we could have developed that special bond since those days and not wait till we both felt so lonely that we got together.

But honestly, through these 6 years, we have developed that special bond, not only in terms of being a couple but also as friends. We gossiped, joked and laughed together. Even, when we argued at the top of our voices in the car, we still came to a compromise.

Like whhhattt...I'm getting married to Hatta Tubah in 63 days!

We actually planned for our wedding to be held this weekend because of the special date "10.10.10" but well, our parents disagreed. We could have been married by this Sunday and postpone our honeymoon till December lah...aper dah...

Well....preparations are almost complete except for the decoration of the bridal chamber and appointments with the spa.

Cannot imagine...

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