Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Gifts

I'm into my ninth week of practicum!! A week more before I can read a magazine in bed while watching tv again and waking up late everyday!! Weeee~

Anyway, let's update about my wedding planning. Both of us finally went down to Ratu Weddings to choose our outfits for the day. I opted for 4 outfits according to their updated Regal Bridal package, 2 outfits from their exclusive collection and the other 2 outfits from their main collection. It was kind of exciting except for the fact that I have lots of weight to lose! I want to look good in that pretty grey with pink flowers gown and also the red-gold songket-lace outfit.

Next, finally, we have confirmed our wedding cards and they will be ready by the end of September. We can therefore have 1 month to write the addresses down and mail them out.

Lastly, talking the gifts exchange or also known as gubahan, we both bought most of our stuffs during the Great Singapore Sale this year. Most of our branded stuffs came with a huge discount! I will not disclose how they look like or what they are but if you are looking for the best deals, it is best to buy them during the sales because firstly they have discounts plus if you go to places like Tangs or Takashimaya, you may even get additional discounts from the staffs there!

Jewelled heels from D&C

Jewelled heels from Anna Nucci

Talking about discounts, on my previous entry, I've mentioned about my wedding shoes. Yes! Bought a pair from Anna Nucci at Far East Plaza for merely S$20 and another pair from D&C for S$28!!!!!!!! What's the point of buying expensive shoes when at the end of the day, they are just going to hurt your feet? Hehehe....on the other hand, Hatta bought himself a 7in Walking Tall pair of shoes for about S$150 just to ensure that he has the height on that day. (:

I will be adding a widget here to list down the websites which contributes to the planning of my big day.


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