Thursday, November 26, 2009

Queenliyn is BACK!~

Aloha folks!~

I'm back from my looooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg hiatus. Sorry for that. It's expected from someone who is an aspiring career woman *rolls eyes*, what more when I'm married in the future with children keeping me 150% busier.

Anyways, I do enjoy blogging. I want to start blogging again that is. Many things have changed ever since I've started blogging since my early years in teenagehood and now, I'm almost in my mid-20s! But, let's start with updates first.

Firstly, after just stepping into the teaching career, I am finally accepted for admission into NIE next January onwards for my Postgraduate Diploma in Education! I'm kind of sad to leave Greenridge Secondary after creating bonds with the principals, teachers as well as students there. But well, life has to go on and hopefully, who knows, I'll return! Well, I'm kind of glad to get back to being a student again after almost 2 years of working, especially going back to NTU campus. However, I do not know what to expect from the PGDE course but I'm sure I'll always give my very best shot.. :)

Next, from my previous entry, I mentioned that my mom was hospitalised.'s true. The wonderwoman isn't that strong after all. She eventually collapsed last month, bed-riddened for 2 weeks before we sent her to the hospital and spent about 10 days staying there. I had to play "mother" for a month and trust me...not something which I enjoyed but nevertheless to say, it's still my responsibility. I also realized during that period of time, how much my mother meant to me although she loves to criticise me a lot. Makes me cry at times due to her criticisms but eventually, I still do care for her. Alhamdulillah, she's on the path to recovery now and really hope that there'll be good news during her next check-up.

Next, I'M GOING TO HAVE A SOLO WEDDING! Oh heard it right. After all that stupid times of struggling and begging, finally Allah granted my wish to have my own GRAND wedding! I'm halfway through my preparations. Already booked my Mak Andam, cameraman and deco/pelamin but have yet to decide on the wedding cake, wedding invitations, bride maids and not forgetting the most important thing for that day is my caterer!!! Going crazy but hopefully by end of this year, I'm set to step into Year 2010!!

Next, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with hubba hubba HUBBY! I used to always mention his name in my blogs but not here. Yes, thanks to Mr Mohammad Hatta bin Tubah for always being there for me through thick and thin, through rich & poor, through sickness and health *blah blah blah*...... I'm so looking forward to getting married. *grins widely*

Anyway, I have some photos to upload here for "display" which I took while me & Hatta went to service the car at JB on Monday. Car servicing wasn't my main focus here but it's the place called "Aeon Bukit Indah" which is an extraordinary mall with "extraordinary" features which I think will encourage my Muslim friends to visit the mall!

Our black beauty being serviced
(You can see Malaysian flag at the back
which shows that we are in M'sia)

He was being counting ringgit

We headed off to Aeon Bukit Indah and was greeted by Jusco Departmental Store

And surprise surprise...we have HALAL Shihlin Taiwan here.
Their XXL Crispy Chicken was uberlicious!

You can also find The Face Shop here.

As well as the renowned Starbucks.

And he just loves his toys....

And YES!! A HALAL Breadtalk too!

I bought a tray full of delicious bread from Breadtalk for my 1 week supply,
not forgetting that we almost bought the whole shop by buying 5 large boxes of
bread for our families!!

We then headed off to a Korean restaurant there,
the all too familiar BBQ chicken which
both of us love to eat in Singapore.

These are the appetizers, mushroom soup and ice lemon tea.

The look on our faces showed that we were gorging down the appetizers!

I had Korean Charboiled Chicken with salad and Mushroom fried rice.

He had fried chicken with salad and mushroom fried rice.
(You can see that the specialty of BBQ Chicken is that they use
100% Olive Oil in their cooking! Healthy!~)

His face tells it all that he's full to his neck!!

That was his empty plates!!

The ambience was homely and comfortable.

But sadly, not many people patronise this restaurant!

Therefore, we would like to encourage all to head down to the BBQ Chicken outlets in Singapore to try their healthy food. Trust me, although it's quite pricey, but it's finger-licking good!!

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